Zune disconnected while updating

But the glitch was, the battery icon in Zune, which was not accurately representing the battery charge.It used to show full charge after charging and used to show up to half level when used and level used to stuck at that level even after further use.First of all you need to turn off the Wi Fi (Settings – Off) on your mobile phone.In the second step you need to connect your Windows Phone to the Zune software.After the successful upgrade to the OS version 8858 (the Windows Phone 7.8 version), you can turn on your Wi Fi and the data connection.:-) You should be patient and careful with every step, specially with disabling of the internet connection.NOTE: Do not move or disconnect the Zune device until the update is complete. During this time, the Zune device may restart several times. With the battery at a half-full charge or less, connect the Zune device to a power source and fully charge it until you get the green battery icon. - When the Zune no longer turns on, connect it to a power source and Change the display settings back to your preferred choices, defaults are backlight medium - Fully charge the device until the battery icon appears green ( ). After recalibrating, my Zune battery icon accurately represent the battery charge available.

Sounds silly, I know, but it works when you get it right.PLEASE NOTE: NEVER UN PLUG YOUR PHONE FROM THE COMPUTER WHEN THE UPDATE IS ACTUALLY INSTALLING ON THE PHONE ITSELF. To force the update: 1) Turn off cellular data, and Wifi on your Lumia 900. You will need to hit the “Update” button and unplug the network cable from your computer exactly 2 seconds after hitting this button. I checked if this upgrade is available for my Nokia Lumia 900 and every day I got the same message: “Your phone is up to date.” After three weeks I decided to research if there is an alternative solution for my issue and I found a couple of possible solutions.Here I’ll describe the most user-friendliest solution which solved my issue.

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