Youtube poop hyrule dating videos dating a man in jail

Zelda has almost no special powers, save for using chains to tie up Ganon.She, like Link, is excellent at swordplay and will not hesitate to threaten characters with her sword.Then, Zelda appeared giving to Link a book that was good for nothing more than to lock Ganon.Then Link traveled Koridai with Gwonam The Coolest Wizard in the world and Gay Luigi to found Ganon's Lair.Then after Ganon's defeat and his lair having been destroyed by Gay Luigi's army, Zelda congratulated Link, gave him a cigarette pack and some cocaine for him and Gwonam... As well as being arrogant and often having to be corrected, Zelda began a new and pervert personality for unknown reasons.She was accused of raping children and little dogs in her dungeons with different sex tools.Link was too a victim of her perversions but he enjoys it.She once made a dating video where she went into graphic detail about how she likes to be fucked, but the video was taken off of Youtube as the viewer could see her masturbate on the camera.

Despite being disappointed with Link's gullibility and whining, she loves Link and Link loves her back. Although Link saved Zelda's ass from Ganon, she never thanked him, so Link sent her to hell and looked for another, more grateful girlfriend.

His most respected quote is EXXXCUUUSSMMMMEEEEE Princess!

When You Tube Poop first ended up on You Tube he was seen in poops all the time and even today is considered one of the most iconic sources as nearly every pooper was pooping the CDI games.

During her childhood, she criticized the other girls in the High School to which they responded by raping her in the hallway.

She met Link, a Hylian with several mental problems and an addiction to LSD, to boot.

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