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” They also brutally rejected a 40-year-old divorcee and single mom.

The parents on the show grilled bachelorettes with questions like “Can you do housework?

Many online comments supported Lin and criticized the male contestants as overindulged man-children.

In addition to exacting demands, some parents on the show also came with unusual superstitions.

“This TV program is full of male and female inequality, discrimination against single mothers, ‘straight man cancer,’ and other problems,” said a commentary in The Beijing News on Tuesday.

Parents on the show were uninhibited when describing the characteristics they hoped to find in a daughter-in-law, requesting that she be hardworking, pretty, capable, intelligent, and elegant.

One is stuck in conservative values (parents wanting virgins and baby makers), and another has become more open-minded (like the 23-year-old guy who wanted to defy his mother and choose the 40-year-old divorcee.) Some viewers have criticized the show for being overly dramatic and suspect it is scripted, which the producer denied in several interviews.

As a Chinese woman who myself has grown up in this divided time—caught in between conservative and progressive China—I found the show almost too real to the point that it’s painful to watch.

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