Xbox 360 froze while updating

However, if Xbox Live is having some issues and its services aren’t running, you might encounter problems during the installation process.Some installations require Xbox Live Core and Social and Gaming services to be running, and if those two services are down, you might encounter problems during the installation.Xbox One allows you to install both applications and games on your console.Installing games on your hard drive has its benefits and it allows you to start your games faster.

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There’s nothing worse than sitting down to play a new game and having that game’s installation stall for no reason that you can see on your television.You know you have a stuck Xbox One game install pretty quickly.After growing for a while, the percentage of your game that’s been installed suddenly stops increasing. This can happen when you’re installing a game from a disc or downloading one from the store that’s built into the Xbox One.As such, you don’t want to go using this solution on a console that isn’t connected to Xbox Live. Use the left joystick on your controller to navigate to the Settings cog. Go back to the Xbox One’s Settings app using the Xbox Guide. Select the game in your Queue and press the menu button on your controller to see more options. If you don’t, Microsoft recommends hard restarting your console by holding your finger over the Xbox One logo on the front of your original Xbox One or holding down the Xbox logo on the Xbox One S.It’s the second from the bottom option in the Xbox Guide. After they’ve restarted, try to install the game again.

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