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Luckily for you, instead having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars flying from Las Vegas to Berlin to Australia to attend every Direct Dating Summit, you can skip all the jet lag and travel woes and get the best direct dating wisdom right from the comfort of home...

: How much are close, supportive wingmen worth to you?

Instead, you’ve got me on your shoulder as you hit the streets to do your missions for the week, and a group of friends and fellow warriors eagerly waiting to hear your results. The only other way you’d get camaraderie like this would be on a live bootcamp with me, and that would cost you ,900 for the weekend.I only want guys who are enthusiastic, motivated, and that TAKE ACTION on what they learn and get amazing results from it.While tons of online products (including my own) offer great money-back guarantees for their purchase…It’s practically impossible for you to follow these rules and NOT get laid.Seriously: If you wanted to come on as a private student and learn all this stuff from me, it’d be around ,000 for a day of private 1:1 coaching, or ,900 for a 2-on-1 weekend bootcamp.

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