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You can read more about the different binding modes here. Background in the payment industry, particularly in card switching and related system architecture.

Lover of high-performance distributed architecture.

My specific case was a bit more complex because I was binding to the page View Model (which I didn’t want to instantiate more than once as it made web service calls) to a Combo Box in a Data Template for a cell in a Grid View.

The name of the Dependendy Property must always end with ... If you are using Visual Studio, you can type The change notification callback is a static method, that is called everytime when the value of the Time Property changes.For the Selected Item and Selected Value bindings, I do not set a mode – this is because “Mode=Two Way” is the default.Two Way means that we want to update the property on the View Model when the selection changes, and if the property on the View Model changes we want to update the Selected Item/Selected Value on the Combo Box. I've been intrigued by computers since I was 12, staying in at recess to code QBASIC on the old Apple II. NET Access Denied Active MQ Active MQ-Camel Attribute Behavior C# Camel Cassandra Combo Box Connecting Cross-Field Data Binding Data Context Display Member Path Double Click Enumerate Event Example Framework Element GAC IData Error Info INotify Property Changed Instances Items Source Karaf Lucandra Lucandra. i have customized supliersview to view the products which related to the selected supplier item by adding a selectedgriditem in Generic Curd Base to get and bind navigation property collection to the details grid it's working probably, but how could i use Add Edit Entity Base the mange the details. Introduction Value resolution strategy The magic behind it How to create a Depdency Property Readonly Dependency Properties Attached Dependency Properties Listen to dependency property changes How to clear a local value When you begin to develop appliations with WPF, you will soon stumble across Dependency Properties. NET properties, but the concept behind is much more complex and powerful.

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