Woman with no kids adult dating

There were a handful of dear girlfriends who showed me how much I meant to them during that time, but for the best part of two years I was met by a deafening silence.

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“It was never really a decision,” the Swedish 31-year-old revealed to . I remember even as a kid thinking that having babies wasn’t for me. I’ve always been more of a puppy and kitten, rather than a baby, kind of person.” In her video, Mustard cities a penchant for minimalism as one reason for not wanting kids."He talks to us about the future, but he doesn’t have children! As we continue to delve into a realm where childlessness is not just a choice, but a common part of our culture, perhaps the glorification of motherhood will start to disintegrate.Women without kids will no longer be met with a sympathetic-yet-condescending muddled cocktail of sympathy and concern when childlessness is not an anomaly, but a modern reality.But many millennial women are finding life at 30 lot different than how they pictured it. But while our attitudes about marriage are quickly shifting with the times, many women still feel pressured by friends, family and, yes, even strangers, to conform to a more “traditional” lifestyle.“Most women, in my experience, have a really hard time turning 30.

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