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The bludgeon features a unique characteristic: regardless of which attack style is selected, only aggressive attacks are available, meaning it is only able to be used for Strength training.The abyssal bludgeon has a special attack, Penance, which increases damage dealt by 0.5% for every prayer point that the wielder is missing, consuming 50% of the wielder's special attack energy.Carnivac swore that Bludgeon and the other Mayhems would pay for killing his friend.

He and his blade can cut through the battlefield as if everyone else is operating at a minimal speed setting.Level 70 Attack and Strength are required to equip this weapon.The components can be obtained from using the unsired, dropped by the Abyssal Sire, on the Font of Consumption.It has superior damage per second of every other non-degradable weapon to feature an "aggressive" attack style, making it a common weapon choice for mid-wealth players.Saradomin's blessed sword does possess a slightly higher Strength bonus than the bludgeon, but it is not cost-effective as it consumes Saradomin swords.

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