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As I scrolled through Instagram last night, I stumbled across a friend’s screenshot of the Whole Foods zinger.It was the eighth time, she said, that she’d received the line since the show premiered this month. A few minutes of browsing through If you’re a fan of the show seeking a clever way to find other watchers, the Whole Foods line can be endearing.In my voting session, the benefits specialist glossed over the ways in which two packages threw workers with families under the bus in order to lessen cuts to the benefit packages of single workers who have no dependents. " stickers and thanked us for participating in "workplace democracy." Of course, it wasn't workplace democracy in that conference room--it was management forcing us to accept a benefits cut in order to increase the already massive profits that we create for the company.

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No one wants to see a chain of grocery stores ascend to the new “hey.” And, no, changing the store name does not count as something new.The company has also forced employees to replace our own safety equipment in the last year.All employees are required to use certain safety equipment at work, including non-slip shoes and, for those working with knives, cut-resistant gloves.Whole Foods budgets a small amount for shoes, but the amount often does not cover the whole cost of a pair of shoes, especially for workers who need comfortable and supportive footwear.We stand on our feet all day--often without the ability to move around freely.

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