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Also, his signature re-enactments have children actors growling in demonic death rattles and flying up walls in a hospital room, all witnessed by staff and one CPS official.

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Zak regrets not taking his friend’s advice to “be careful.” Driven by the need to learn more about the house leads Zak to the former leasees who have since moved out and want nothing to do with the media attention their story has recently generated.There are tales of swarms of flies gathering in the house during the dead of winter, the local church telling the family to leave and mediums espousing over 200 demons are also on the lease gives the small A-frame quite the local reputation.The family member recounts how the children suddenly became affected and acted out violently.He’s got to be; he just bought a house for ,000 in a highly publicized transaction and literally destroys it onscreen.Those who follow him know he’s had trouble with spirits in the past.

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