Who is veronica belmont dating

And now the site now has a new competitor: Cheater In its press release, the site trumpets: "With the recent media coverage on the infidelities of public figures such as Tiger Woods, John Edwards, David Letterman, and the many other politicians, athletes, and celebrities, the time for a site that reveals proven cheaters couldn't be better." Cheater Registry is quite similar to Dont Date Him Girl: You can search a database to see if your new suitor has a suspect history; cheating victims can add their exes and even prove their guilt by uploading e-mails, texts, or photos.Online, we let companies follow us around as we hop from website to website.

Take, for example, Tiger Text, an i Phone application that's been making the news lately.

Veronica is a video host and writer based out of San Francisco.

Currently, she is working on Sword & Laser (podcast and video) and just wrapped up the Sword & Laser Anthology.

Just as cheaters can try to use Tiger Text to keep their naughtiness at bay, they can also turn to sites like Craigslist and the "find me a sugar daddy" database Ashley Madison to locate new partners.

But if it's too good to be true, it probably is: Many users of the site, which caters to married people searching for flings, have complained of scams and "profile robots" that charge money to make initial contact and then are never heard from again.

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