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There is a connection between then and today.”So much has changed since the “then” and the “now” in his life—Rome, photography, relationships.

Yet, the fashion house that Valentino and Giammetti built still remains a fashion force to be reckoned with.“Valentino is one of the few designers that really created his own style,” Giammetti says.

Together, they were—and still are—an unstoppable duo.“I think that there was—or is—a real closeness of Valentino and mine that never stopped,” Giammetti says.

“Fundamentally, it boils down to so much love and respect and support.

They try to express their vision of Valentino but with the same attributes—beauty, romance, femininity, and fragility.

These are the things that a designer has to understand, that they cannot just create and follow every season.

Offering a lens into his travels, his friendships, and his work, Giammetti’s book is, as he describes it, for sharing.

“And [Vreeland] was an amazing inspiration for all of us.

Not just because she knew about fashion, or because she worked at Vogue, but because she was Diana Vreeland.

“And Diana said ‘Oh, I have another surprise for you.’ And out from a room comes Barbra Streisand.”But when I ask if he was starstruck by all of the celebrities he has met, all of these people he now calls friends, Giammetti insists that deep down, they’re all the same people; they’re all just human.

“You choose friends—whether they are an actor or a drugstore owner—because you like them as a friend, not because of what they do.

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