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That means a lot of things." Asked directly if that meant romance, she replied, "Yeah, I think so." Sarandon, 67, and Robbins, 55, were never married, but were one of the most enduring couples in the entertainment industry.

When asked about their relationship, Sarandon said, "Jonathan and I collaborate on different things.In fact, you might have a really good Friday when the movie does very well, so you better go out Friday and Saturday nights, because by Monday, you're yesterday's news." Robbins's choice of music for his desert island included Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye, Sinnerman by Nina Simone and In Your Mind by Johnny Cash.His luxury was a surfboard and his chosen book was a book of matches.Their son Miles, 24, was not on hand for the gathering.Susan and Tim started dating in the '80s after working on “Bull Durham,” but called it quits in 2009. Maybe you have a relationship to have children and you realize that it's fulfilled after that point.”' After they ended their relationship, Susan went on to date Jonathan Bricklin, but they split after five years together.

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