Who is rainie dating

Xiao Gui was stuck in such a crappy position the whole time when HSM was airing and along with HSM promotions.He faced so many of these questions: one is his ex-gf and the other his best friend, both important people to him ...But in Friday’s episode it emerged the union is a sham to allow Max to get hold of the baby of his dead daughter Abi. 👊Will this go down in history as Walford's worst marriage EVER?😧⚠️#East Enders is back on Monday at 8PM.⚠️ pic.twitter.com/LWN8dy Ieur— BBC East Enders (@bbceastenders) April 27, 2018 In an aggressive confrontation between the pair after a visit from a social worker, Max told Rainie: “You’re a crackhead loser who is going to mess everything up for me and Abi, unless you sort yourself out. I need everyone around here to think I’m happy and settlied and living in domestic bliss.” He added: “I married you Rainie, it’s a business deal, business. You ain’t going to get a penny, not if I don’t get Abi.Alien and Show once elaborated that if they fell in love with the same girl, they would still put their brotherly love in first place.

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For one, he is definitely not rude and frankly he never did like to talk about his relationship with Rainie even on 100% Entertainment, he looks a bit awkward sometimes. HMS is the best drama of 2009, I don't like AC as much as HMS, and they really did a good job, they have a lot of chemistry and the kiss is so awesome!!!

The media is being so disrespectful to him, which I think is very unfair. It's putting both Cheng Lin and Xiao Gui in a bad light. Xiao Gui said (and this was in a video, so there's proof unlike this news report) that he really admired the acting in HMS and thought it was really good and seemed very realistic....so, if so, why would he suddenly change? This is so annoying, they're just trying to make up rumors.

Xiao Gui's words are just being used out of context and it's making him look bitter. The media should stop dragging Xiao Gui into this, Show and Rainie are not even dating, they're making too big a deal out of these two friends. Sure, Xiao Gui acts "jealous" on YLBFB...that's purely for entertainment value! I definitely think the media took Xiao Gui out of context.

and I don't believe for a second that he would say a bad thing about Rainie at all.

If he were to, he would have done so years ago why wait until now?

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