Who is nik richie dating

Lilly Ghalichi has been missed on Shahs of Sunset, but she’s moved on to bigger and better things.This week she sat down with her close friend Nik Richie to talk babies, business, and boobs (in the form of silicone, former co-stars and former loves).I’m so naive.” Lilly says that Dhar made friends with a bunch of her friends and schmoozed them in order to get the chance to meet her.“He bought one a pair of shoes, bought the other one a camera, things like that.” He told them he could really help Lilly because he claimed to do affiliate internet marketing and that he could help blow her businesses up.Nik mentions again that he thought it was going too fast – they met and two minutes later were making love in the Maldives and says it was gross.Lilly admits it was too much, too fast, but says any girl in her position would’ve done the same thing. I literally woke up every day to giant deliveries of roses, love poems, all my favorite foods.But he was totally obsessed with Instagram and Lilly was tired of him making her take photos of everything and he would have the captions ready to go in his notes and she wasn’t getting to enjoy the moment anymore.Her final straw was some crazy story he made up about his fake followers actually being real followers who found him through an inspirational thing he posted on Instagram and it went viral but it wasn’t true.

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