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Always careful not to snag or run them, and never spoil them with my sissy cream as I’d use them and wrap them around my little cockette and balls to masturbate.This behavior just fueled my lingerie fetish more and more.Clipping the sheer nylon stockings to the garter tabs would send shivers to the core of my being. Oh, the feeling of them as I pulled them up nice and tight around my little balls and pathetic little sissy clit.

They both look directly into my eyes as they each lick their fingers. ” “Panty Boy” ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– I went in and bought the new gorgeous bra n panty.Now I think since you both obviously enjoyed sharing my juices with a hot mutual tongue kissing you need to share your own pussy juices. ” Our eyes meet and I raise my cum soaked hand to my lips. She then said the only way she would spend the night out not wearing panties was if I was wearing them. She bent over and untied my shoes then unbuckled my belt and told me , let’s go.I look both Kitty and Mary in the eyes as they each explode with a convulsive orgasm. Wetting their lips and sucking their finger just like they shared with my pre-cum juices. I thought about it for a second, and then thought ” whatever”.We each lean across to each other and share a long, sexy, and sensual kiss. I got undressed and then she slid those soft panties up my legs and into place. She was amazed, and said something like there was no way I was going out like that.We lay back exhausted, but looking at each other with a naughty smile of sexual satisfaction. “OK my sexy Pussies…let’s all take a well deserved late night skinny dip…then return to the condo for some more play? She gave me a handjob right there while we were standing in my room.

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