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The film drama is an adaptation of the play Home Fires Burning.Although she had once vowed she would never do television work, being out of work for a year changed her mind.Following the move to Grand Rapids, Anderson went through a rebellious stage as a teenager; experimenting with drugs, dating a much older boyfriend, and cultivating a punk appearance (dyeing her hair various colors, shaving the sides of her head, sporting a nose piercing and an all-black wardrobe).Anderson listened to bands such as Dead Kennedys and Skinny Puppy.He was in his second year of a Ph D program in Developmental Psychology at Stanford University when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2008.With her English accent and background, she was mocked and felt out of place as a teenager in the American Midwest and soon adopted a Midwestern accent.Anderson is the co-writer of The Earthend Saga novel trilogy and the self-help guide book WE: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere.

She was, in fact, arrested on graduation night for breaking and entering into her high school in an attempt to glue the locks of the doors.I know that I feel that London is home and I'm very happy with that as my home.I love London as a city and I feel very comfortable there.Anderson recalled: "First of all, I swore I'd never move to Los Angeles, and once I did, I swore I'd never do television.It was only after being out of work for almost a year that I began going in [to auditions] on some stuff that I would pray that I wouldn't get because I didn't want to be involved in it." As a result of this guest appearance, Anderson was sent the script for The X-Files.

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