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2nd Review: I bought a 100 ml genuine bottle from an airport duty free. Unfortunately, I was shocked how severly this was watered down and dilluted.

The citrusy soapy opening is still the same but longevity is 2 hrs max then it is hardly detectable.

My friend said that was easily the best one she had smelled all day.

I can see this being used in multiple settings and throughout the spring and summer.

My female friend smelled my wrist and was like wow what is that.

I honestly can’t tell you what I smelled, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the Best in a Stellar Chanel lineup, hard to pick a winner,some days it's Antaeus,other days it's AHSEE,while on another day it Edition Blanche getting me mad reviews and equiriers.... Polge is a True Giant of the Fragrance world,it's impossible to pick out his greatest work , he has too many. It is herbal, metallic, quite fresh and very masculine.

At Macy’s I think I saw a white box for PE rather than the original silver one that’s been used.

I would ask the sales rep but they’re completely clueless.

I’m praying they fixed the longevity and projection issues, because this was close to perfection before they messed around with it. Took me forever to know about this one, until I heard Jeremy discuss it.

It smells absolutely fantastic and is far superior to all of the other barbershop scents I just listed. Also, nothing in this is similar to the original Egoiste. I get excellent overall performance from the bottle that I bought in Boots 2 week’s ago. The quality really shines in a league way above its closest cousins :-) @thomaspitts1 I've also gotten excellent performance from the newest formualtion.

It's basically lavender and geranium with clary sage and neroli as well into the drydown. The lavender isn't overly sweet as in Azzaro pour Homme or Rive Gauche, and it isn't coupled with anise (which smells odd to my nose). I don't think the average man or woman under 30 would like the original egoiste, but they'd like this one for sure. I'm reasonably sure that PE has undergone several reformulations over the 20 years since its original release. I seem to get more of the moss and the "green notes" than before.

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