Who is erin bates dating

Their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, keep a close eye on them, monitor their text messages, and accompany them on chaperoned dates. Once an engagement is on the table, the couple is usually rushed down the aisle as soon as possible.

As for the Bates, shockingly, their courtship rules are, dare we say, ?

They even named their oldest daughter the delightfully radical name Michael (although they call her Michaella).

However, the Duggars outdo the Bateses when it comes to grandkids.

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For one, they can't hold hands or kiss before marriage, and they can only do side hugs.

Yes, they all go to Christian universities, but it's refreshingly different to see the older Bates kids not getting rushed into courtships or marriages — or at least not IBLP and its teachings on Instagram. Wow, can you imagine how Jim Bob would react if one of his kids wrote something like that on Instagram?

you already know that the Bateses and the Duggars have been family friends for more than 20 years now.

They have chosen to have chaperones when in each other's presence because they like the accountability.

Having chaperones doesn’t mean they aren’t given some space or that they have to have all their conversations monitored (i.e.

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