Who is daisy fuentes dating 2016

Daisy has since become known as a professional and popular master of ceremonies on a variety of TV shows, she’s hosted everything from America’s Funniest Home Videos to Miss Universe, but she’s also made her own impressive mark in the hyper-competitive World of fashion and Beauty.But how much has Daisy Fuentes made during her career?Currently she is working as the co-presenter of La Voz Kids on Telemundo.Regarding her marital status, she was once married with her boyfriend who was an American actor and model.A Cuban-born American television host and model who is better known as host of America's Funniest Home Videos. When she was studying communications at Bergen Community College she worked as weather-girl for WNJU-TV. After graduating she joined cosmetology school dreaming to open her own salon.

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Daisy first learned to speak English from watching episodes of ‘I Love Lucy’, which made her childhood easier when her family emigrated to Harrison, New Jersey a few years later.Daisy graduated in 1984 with dreams of becoming a hairstylist and opening her own beauty salon, she enrolled in cosmetology school and began studying communications at Bergen Community College, but while she was there she got her first opportunity to work in TV.Daisy was hired as a weather-girl at WNJU-TV 47, the New York affiliate of Spanish language network Telemundo.After some years of marriage there was some misunderstanding between the couple and they got divorce. Beside him she has dated singer and songwriters too but all of the relationship didn't lasted long which means that currently she is single and may be ready to mingle too. Anyone who does this shit for a living, anyone “working” in animal agriculture is heartless, disconnected & clueless. All who hunt innocent animals for fun are total assholes. Looking down on people who who have more success & talent than you only makes you look like an incredibly judgy, insecure fool. Jan Seski should be embarrassed & ashamed for being so Ignorant, barbaric, & clueless.

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