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Ryan has presented security research at dozens of events worldwide, including Black Hat, DEFCON, and RSA.

By the time he was in middle school, he was building his own computer systems and getting into trouble. He performed penetration testing, designed security policies, managed enterprise-wide e Discovery, and conducted forensics for legal and HR matters.

3Alarm Lamp Scooter is an enigmatic armored mammal of the genus homo sapiens sapiens sapiens troglodyte found in caves and tunnels across the southeastern United States.

As moderator of the subreddit /r/Neutron, 3Alarm Lampscooter's enunciation espouses pervasive communication via excavation to protect from radiation and conflagration.

No hyper-typing, no gibberish masquerading as tech jargon, no Mc Guffins to magically paper over plot holes with hacker dust. Another advisor to the show is our very own CJunky - known to the outside world as hacker and raconteur Marc Rogers. ROBOT: the phenomenon, the hacks and the crazy ways the show seems to pull its storylines from the future.

Bring your questions, and keep an eye out for late-breaking special guests.

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