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Eligible patients are randomized in non-equal groups (3:2) to either receive NT followed by resection or standard treatment ((pancreatoduodenectomy) followed by adjuvant chemotherapy) (Fig. The aim of this study is to evaluate the additional benefit of NT to the standard treatment (surgery adjuvant chemotherapy) to decrease early mortality (within one year) in resected patients with resectable cancer of the pancreatic head.].This implies: 1) no tumour contact with the superior mesenteric vein or portal vein or ≤180 ° contact without vein contour irregularity, 2) no arterial tumour contact (coeliac axis, common hepatic artery or superior mesenteric artery), 3) no distant metastasis."Minerals and Materials for a Sustainable Future"; first ever Nature Conference in Norway coming up. Vi lover å forvalte denne tilliten veldig, veldig godt! Takk for tilliten, @erna_solberg, @Iselin Nybo og alle andre som har vært delaktig i denne beslutningen!It is well known that initiation and completion of adjuvant chemotherapy can be precluded by perioperative complications [].The technical complexity of the operation and the frailty and co-morbidity of the patient population contribute to the high rate of complications.

While surgical resection remains the foundation for potentially curative treatment, survival benefit is achieved with adjuvant oncological treatment.

The purpose of this study is to further investigate the benefit of adding NT in comparison to standard treatment only for resectable cancer of the pancreatic head (surgery followed by adjuvant chemotherapy).

The Norwegian Pancreatic Cancer Trial (Nor PACT) - 1 is a multicentre, randomized controlled phase III trial organized by the Norwegian Gastrointestinal Cancer Group (NGICG) for Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB) cancer.

However, the scheduled resection has to be cancelled in up to 20% of patients receiving NT due to early metastases, reduced performance-status or comorbidities during NT, but very rarely due to local tumour progression alone [].

Chemotherapy employed upfront (before surgery) in patients with resectable pancreatic cancer could potentially increase the proportion of patients who eventually received both treatment modalities, and thus, may benefit from a combined effect.

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