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We Chat launched “We Chat Moments advertising”, giving any brand access to targeted audiences according to location, interest, age, gender, device and phone network in Beijing, Shanghai, and 35 first and second tier Chinese cites.For luxury brands like Dior, this new ad format enables them to target users by demographics in specific regions, therefore making the advertisement way more valuable. A friend sent me a 20 RMB coupon from, a Chinese online travel information provider and mainland search engine for web-based and mobile users.For example, Mc Donald’s China was the first to join in We Chat payment integration in 2015.Now, 30% customers of Mc Donald’s made payment using We Chat.Or you can do what I did, picking up messages-in-bottles from a stranger around the world.I am not a game person, but I find it amazing that there are games available on We Chat.Do you think We Chat can overtake Facebook and become the dominant mobile platform for the world? If you haven’t, it’s time to learn why it’s such a formidable app.It is a combination of Whats App, Facebook, Skype, Amazon and much more.

It allows people to get better interest rates for their savings than from banks.

It’s very fun and user friendly, you can do just about anything on this one app.

Over half a billion people use We Chat, an app owned by Chinese Internet Company Tencent launched in 2011.

Over 8 billion “red envelopes” were sent over We Chat during 2016 Chinese New Year.

Learn more The money sent through Red Packets will be automatically transferred to the user’s We Chat Wallet so they can use it to pay for products and services on We Chat and enjoy exclusive promotions and campaigns on We Chat. When people picked it up, they can hear your voice and respond to it.

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