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You have to wonder how many of these were produced. Emma Kinkead designed most of the animal bookends; and I would think first of her as being the designer of the turtle too!

[…] The Colorado Springs Gazette stated, “The first kiln of the Van Briggle Pottery was drawn & reported very successful.

NOW LET’S GET STARTED: CLICK ON ANY PHOTO TO ENLARGE 1900: Artus produced a few pieces dated 1900, most of which were while we was living at Chico Basin Ranch. Robert Wyman Newton has drawn a picture from photo of one of these earliest pieces.#349E: E is the smallest size made of this design; I have no explanation for the blue “C” mark.#376 Stars & Stripes, designed in 1905; bottom markings almost totally obscured, possibly because of small size. (always) A 1905 with no Design #, but 433, we believe.Dedicated on 12-3-1908 by Anne Van Briggle, in memory […] Just when you think you have seen everything!A “lovely” turtle, in Van Briggle green glaze, dated 1915.

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