Validating the pepsi challenge

[13-Jun-16] Ubelmann, C., Gaultier, L., Fu, L., and Wang, J.

The need for a light/portable tool to easily simulate SWOT L2 data with realistic sampling and error/noise was pointed during the last Science Team Meeting.

The meeting was immediately followed by the SWOT Ocean Calibration/Validation Workshop, which took place in the same location on June 16.

The meeting lasted three days to accommodate the contributions of 153 participants, over 80 oral presentations and 54 posters.

The along-track wavenumber spectrum needs to be validated.

The high-frequency variability of the SSH field at small spatial scales (20-100km) will make it difficult to use some conventional in situ measurement approaches for cal/val - we will need some spatial arrays of instruments for synoptic sampling.

[14-Jun-16] Matsui, K., Isoguichi, O., Ebuchi, N., Fujii, Y., Ichikawa, K., Ishikawa, Y., Ito, S., Masumoto, Y., Miyazawa, Y., Morimoto, A., Sasaki, H., Sasaoka, K., Suga, T., Uchida, H., and Usui, N.

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Submesoscale vertical velocities create surface convergences at km scales.The SWOT simulator for ocean science relies on spectral error budget specifications from the project team.View the animation embedded on Slide 12 of this presentation.Cal/Val is shared between Projects (NASA/JPL and CNES) and ST.For hydrology, it will be the first mission which officially deals with cal/val.

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