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Online entry setup is a simple process - set the Online entry options in show editor and publish your show.HSS and HSO will take care of generating the online entry form based on your settings and the classes, and fees defined for the show.Peter’s Date and Time provides 18 controls used to collect date and time oriented data from your users. Date Text Box The Date Text Box control is a Text Box that provides elegant client-side entry of dates.Since its release in 2002, Peter's Date and Time (formerly Peter's Date Package) has built a reputation of excellence, including its extensive and unique features, quality, and documentation. It filters keystrokes, validates entries with helpful feedback, follows international formatting, and accepts partial dates.December 8, 2013 Version 3.2013.1208 Oct 7, 2003 Version 3.2.63 Support added for "Sibling classes": Sibling classes let you have a "master" class and one or more classes with the same properties that are related to the master class - in other words a "group" of classes.

It also has a mode to require a consecutive range of dates.

Folks, XP is over 12 years old and has truly reached end of life. When purchasing a new computer, consider a PC with at least 4 GB of memory - 8GB or more is recommended, especially for your server.

The cost of additional memory is minimal and has a huge impact on performance of the computer in general as well as HSS.

If you get an error about a missing component when attempting to install this update, use the Windows "add/remove programs" in Windows 7 or "Uninstall Application" in Programs and Features in Windows 10 to uninstall the old version of HSS from your computer.

Run the new HSS installer to install the new version after uninstalling the prior version.

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