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Other times, though, failure to follow directions can be harmful or even fatal.

In the military and in trades like firefighting, the ability to instinctively follow directions saves lives.

) - the language used to create, modify, manage and query them.

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While it may seem logical and even straightforward to follow directions--be they navigational directions, product-usage directions, or procedural or instructional directions, failure to follow directions can be a waste of time.Although both provide native data access to SQL Server databases, SQL Server Native Client has been specifically designed to expose the new features of SQL Server 2005, while at the same time maintaining backward compatibility with earlier versions.The information in this topic helps update your MDAC (or Windows DAC) application to be current with the version of SQL Server Native Client that was included in SQL Server 2005.Filling out your tax form using the directions can save you the cost of a tax preparer or the cost of penalties or additional taxes owed. This may lead you to dangerous places, may cause you to be late to your destination, and may create marital discord--particularly if your spouse is in the car with you.Filling out Department of Motor Vehicle paperwork properly means your paperwork will be processed more quickly.

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