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All the interesting bits – such as Netflix streaming, or the ability to build a custom firmware image – are not included.Inside the NTV300 we find a Mediatek ARM So C, a 128MB NAND flash chip and 256MB of RAM: The four pin header in the top right corner of the PCB is a serial port (115200 baud 8N1), and while it provides access to the U-Boot boot loader, it does not provide a root shell.For an open-source project like Kodi to compete with the commercial products, it will probably have to simplify the process of finding and setting up add-ons.

Let’s see if we can find an easier way to get a shell – preferably one that doesn’t involve taking the device apart.

If you’d rather download and install the firmware yourself and you know how to use IPSW files, use the links below.

These are direct download links from Apple’s servers.

Negear’s Neo TV set top boxes are designed to compete with the popular Roku, and can stream video from all the usual sources (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, etc).

The NTV300 is one of the least expensive Neo TV models, and while a GPL release is available, it contains only copies of the various standard open source utilities used by the NTV300.

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