Updating samsung tv firmware

I tried same steps (manually enter dns and reset tv again), but the network connection failed to show my network after the reset. Internet was connected but not working with my apps, however, the web browser was working. I went back to the web browser to access Netflix and now it redirects to Playmo TV? The issue seems to be with Samsungs smart hub server(s).Also a note on the reset, I noticed the TV says this option will reset the tv to factory settings but network settings will not be affected. It' just stopped connecting to internet from apps only, but i can use browser on TV to browse internet. Update #2: 10 minutes later it is no longer working. Update #3: Now everything is not working, including the web browser. When your TV says it can connect to your network but not to the internet what it actually means is "I can't connect to the samsung hub server".I have to wonder, since this began a few months ago, if Comcast is squeezing providers like Netflix (the same thing happens on Amazon Prime) to make them pay more for better bandwidth.

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The rest of the threads and sites pertain to issues that I'm not experience.

Now samsung says there is no problem so I don't think this will ever be resolved with people who own first generation Samsung smart tvs. This is completely and utter BS from Samsung, they know they screwed up but wont do a single thing to fix it. I purchased this from Frys with 3 year warranty and lost the receipt now Frys is taking their sweet time locating a invoice to cover my repairs .. Mine automatically loaded the new firmware but you may have to select "by USB" if your tv does that.

Someone post Samsung info so we can all jump on the bandwagon and complain,,... Im sure we all know its the software update that did this. I'm finding many threads on this site and across the internet regarding network connection issues with Samsung tvs.

The clue came when I did a software update and just for a laugh I tried it over the internet, and it did it! At least the Open DNS DNS I posted above works for now as they must have cached the correct record I've found a the register article talking about and explaining this very same problem from February if anyone's interested: Did a factory reset and was able to get the TV to recognize the wireless networks in the area. The TV worked fine on Friday night when I watched a show on Netflix. with a Samsung 5500 and just experienced loss of internet connectivity.

Version 002017 now installed, how if it's not connected how did it do that ? Been changing DNS and wires and kicking the router, still no joy. Most DNS 'fixes' will fail as DNS is refreshed over 24 hours. What if my Samsung laptop stopped working if this happened too... Selected mine, entered the password and drum roll please..failed to connect. Pretty crazy to have this happen and for so many to be having the same problem. Tried all suggested solutions noted here (many thanks tho! Per Samsung Customer Service tonight, use DNS code 2.222 (Manual setting). Was on hold for 30 minutes, so try this code first before experiencing that! - connecting over wired ethernet - connecting via wireless - multiple reboots of everything - static IP in the TV - making sure TV was not blocked in firewall - updating firmware on Samsung TV to 2105 latest (and yes samsung I updated the firmware over the internet via the TV..

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