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You can take advantage of FIPS 186-3 support by using the new DSACng class, as you can see in the example below.

The DSA base class has also been updated so you can you use FIPS 186-3 support without casting to the new DSACng class.

These updated images were available for manual deployment in November and are available for automatic deployment in January. You will need administrative credentials to read the registry with regedit. NET Framework Versions Are Installed“, for more information on checking the version programmatically as well as for older . The following links can be used to download and install a supported version: More information, including links to download the development packs, can be found here.

The Additional Information section below has more information. We have addressed common questions in the Q&A below. NET Framework support lifecycle, visit the Microsoft .

This support enables X509 certificates with keys that exceed 1024-bit.

It also enables computing signatures with the SHA-2 family of hash algorithms (SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512). NET Framework 4.6.1 supports FIPS 186-2, which is limited to keys no greater than 1024-bit.

Die zum Abschließen der angeforderten Änderungen erforderlichen Dateien wurden nicht gefunden.Net Framework Version unter Windows 10 noch zu installieren. Nun leider funktioniert dies in der Regel nicht, es kommt zu dem beschriebenen Fehler 0x800F081F.Hier nachfolgend steht Ihr eine Abbildung einer älteren Software, die unter Windows 10 zwar noch funktioniert, aber eben . Eine ausführliche Anleitung zu diesem Windows Fehlercode findet Ihr in unserem Beitrag „DISM Fehler 0x800f081f„.This limitation doesn’t usually affect consumer applications (for example, loading files out of “My Documents”), but is more common on developer machines that build deeply nested source trees or use specialized tools that also run on Unix (where long paths are much more common). NET Framework 4.6.2 with the following app.config or web.config configuration file: You can opt applications that target an earlier version of the .This new capability is enabled for applications that target the . NET Framework into using this functionality by setting an App Context switch, as demonstrated in the following configuration file. NET Framework 4.6.2 or setting the App Context switch results in the existing behavior of being blocked from using paths longer than MAXPATH.

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