Updating modem speed

(Arris, which makes the high-speed SB6190, says it has put out a firmware update to address the issue, though ISPs roll out these updates on their own schedule.)Netgear offers only a one-year warranty for its cable modems, but the more dependable performance is worth the trade-off in this case.With the price of the CM600 falling below that of the SB6190, it's an even easier choice to make.It also features Active Queue Management for speeding up page loads and gaming.Motorola says the modem's compatible with Comcast's Xfinity service as well as high-speed internet from Cox.We focus on DOCSIS 3.0-compatible modems in our testing and research.

Our recommendations focus on 16 x 4 modems — those are devices with 16 downstream channels and four upstream channels — since they can support internet plans that deliver download speeds up to 300 Mbps.

The modem also features a pair of gigabit Ethernet ports for wired dedicated devices.

Motorola's DOCS 3.1 modem also has 32 download and eight upload channels.

Since price is also an important consideration when modem shopping, we also monitor retail sites for the best deals on the modems we've tested.

In addition to using the modems in a home with multiple connected laptops, smartphones and tablets, we also evaluate the indicator lights on each modem to see that they're visible. And because the primary reason to get your own cable modem is to save on monthly rental fees for ISP-supplied modems, we heavily weight the length of a modem's warranty.

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