Updating machines

We believe that automatically updating the operating system is one of the best tools to achieve this goal.

We realize that each Container Linux cluster has a unique tolerance for risk and the operational needs of your applications are complex.

If an update attempt fails, the tool will queue that VM for another try.The number of machines allowed to reboot simultaneously is configurable via a command line utility: strategy works exactly like it sounds: the machine is rebooted as soon as the update has been installed to the passive partition.If the applications running on your cluster are highly resilient, this strategy was made for you. The update will be installed onto the passive partition and await a reboot command to complete the update.The main goal behind this strategy is to allow for an update to be applied to a cluster quickly, without losing the quorum membership in etcd or rapidly reducing capacity for the services running on the cluster.The reboot lock is held until the machine releases it after a successful update.

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