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It is important to understand that the database cannot be used until the effective date because the changes in the database are not approved for use until the effective date.If used prematurely, it may cause ATC problems and impact safety of flight.Whether you're using Jeppesen Nav Data for primary navigation or for supplemental purposes, it is important to keep your Nav Data current to improve the safety of your flight and operation. A: Jeppesen Nav Data is updated on a 28-day cycle and coincides with the International AIRAC calendar.View Jeppesen's Nav Data Update and Effectivity Schedule. A: Avionics that incorporate Jeppesen Obstacle data that are sold and distributed by Jeppesen are updated on the same 28-day cycle as Nav Data and coincides with the International AIRAC calendar.The charts are quite a different story, as each chart must be individually updated and published.Variations, such as differences in information cut-off dates and lead-time requirements, may bring about distribution in one medium before the other.Differences in waypoint names and coordinates - Waypoint names that are published on our charts are taken directly from official government sources.In some countries, there are no restrictions on the number of characters used in the name.

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The method used to identify these turning points and intersections is also included in "Nav Data Name Conventions." Q: I have a Garmin G600 and I get confused where I need to go for all the updates, including Nav Data, Obstacles, Terrain, Charts, Safe Taxi, AOPA, etc. A: Jeppesen provides Nav Data and Jeppesen charts (Jepp View for Multi-Function Display) services for Garmin MFDs and Integrated Flight Systems.

View Jeppesen's Nav Data Update and Effectivity Schedule.

Q: Am I able to download and update my Nav Data prior to the effective date for a future trip? For your convenience, Nav Data updates are available to download from JDM up to 10 days prior to the effective date.

System software computes great-circle route bearings and distances based on the most current NAVAID information on the desired route. Slight differences in bearing and distance may not be changed in the AIP, and consequently, they may not change on the charts.

However, if NAVAID information has changed even minutely, differences may show up because the bearings and distances displayed are computed by the navigation system or computer flight-planning software each time a particular track is called up.

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