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You can check what the outstanding bill or App Store purchase is that has an outstanding balance by doing the following: If the outstanding purchase is not something you are interested in, you can also attempt to contact Apple for a refund on that balance due.Regardless of whether you pay the balance with updated payment information, or have it canceled, you must clear the due balance on the Apple ID to be able to fix the “Verification Required” message on the App Store for i Phone or i Pad and then you can select the ‘none’ payment option.* Whether or not you choose to update payment information associated with an Apple ID is entirely up to you.

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An obvious mistake, that we have all been guilty of, is leaving your i Phone on airplane mode.

There are few pleasures in the modern world that compare to a freshly updated i Phone application.

An app update holds all of the promise of innovative new features and improved performance but sometimes the pleasure is delayed.

There are various reasons why this might happen and, fortunately, just as many ways to fix this problem.

The following tips and tricks are meant to help you find your way through a frustrating application update crisis.

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