Updating dvd drive firmware

If damaged due to a improper firmware upgrade installation, neither the manufacturer nor anyone else will repair or replace or repay you for the drive.

Each brand of DVD-R or DVD R uses a different color of bottom dye, plastic composition and silver reflector density.Only a few brands of blank DVD-R discs meet these requirements. 702757 Silver, 702740W Markable White, and White Inkjet Printable 702608 should work well with most of these picky DVD-RAM/-R Recorders.(TECH NOTE - DVD-RAM discs feature a metallic, magnetic/optical bottom recording surface that is highly refective.This includes popular stand alone DVD Recorders by Panasonic, as well as many computer internal and external DVD burners made by LG, Matshita (Panasonic), Iomega, BTC, La Cie and so on.Your DVD-RAM capable drive will require DVD-R discs that have unusually high reflectivity.

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