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If you already have an application plan created, but want to pull in the CSS Profile milestone and deadline, you can use the “Reset to Defaults” button – or you can use the “Add New Milestone” button.

Please note, resetting your application plan will delete any additional milestones you have added or changed.

The FAFSA does ask about the parents’ and students’ non-retirement assets including cash, savings and checking accounts, but even this money rarely hurts aid chances.

Here is a post that I wrote this fall on the subject: Is Your College Account a Ticking Time Bomb? Assuming you won’t qualify for financial aid because your house is too valuable.

Any one seeking financial aid must complete the FAFSA.

About 20 percent of private colleges and universities and a handful of state flagships also require the PROFILE, which is a longer and more intrusive document.

The FAFSA does ask about second homes or real estate investments.

With either application, you need to state what your marital status is on the day you sign the FAFSA, whether you are married, separated or divorced. On the FAFSA form, you can include up to 10 colleges that your son or daughter has applied. Plenty of schools treat applicants more favorably if they are considered “first-generation” college students.

Here is a You Tube link to an interview I conducted with Paula Bishop at a college conference in 2011 that discusses what divorced parents need to know about how the two aid applications treat divorce: Divorce and Financial Aid 5. If your intended answer is zero, write “0″ or not applicable. Provide the federal income tax you paid or will pay based on your 2012 federal tax return — not the tax withholdings on you and a spouse’s W-2 forms. The federal processors will send the pertinent FAFSA information to the schools on the list.

parent complete a application without at least one mistake.

Now that’s depressing and it can also be costly if you insert even one error in a financial aid form.

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