Updating bios alienware area 51 m7700 album art not updating on ipod touch

Later, when i turned it on, i tried to open the nvidia panel but it couldnt recognize my video card.Luckily, under the shut down box there was a shield with an exclamation mark whiched i pressed to install updates.If you read the post below i gave some information on it but otherwise i am unsure what to do or what to install to fix this.Anyways, i will get back to you later on the rest of my hardware, but i hope this helps to clear a few things up. Sorry i forgot to add this from my other post but here is some more information on the unknown driver: "I tried reinstalling all the drivers though with the resource disk, however there is still one unknown driver and the Ethernet not working.

The D9T was able to use the drives as two independent drives or as a RAID array.

When i click on the unknown driver it gives me the location, the PCI bus. All i need to do is to install the USB port and I' m all set!

In the resources tab it says the resource type is IRQ and the setting is 0x00000017 (23)." Okay so im not sure exactly how to find the model "number", but if it helps my product is an alienware 17. One other thing is that I could use some extra troubleshooting just in case.

I later installed a program called whocrashed and it said that perhaps a driver had not been installed or a peice of hardware not recognized.

Since then, i have recieved a couple more bsod's but nothing to give me an unbootable machine.

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