Updating a pdf document

Not everyone can afford the steep subscription fee that Adobe charges for its Adobe Acrobat DC PDF editor (Rs. The app is the best in the business for editing PDF files and there’s a reason Adobe charges that kind of money for it.

However, most people don’t need that level of advanced PDF editing and can make do just as easily with free PDF editing tools.

You’ll find it hard to adjust the position of an image on a page or to move text around.

This is good for basic editing and it’s free, which should do the job for most people.

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It is possible to create links that refer to other PDF documents.Named destinations remain valid even if pages are inserted or deleted.If this sounds like your scenario, check out Donna Baker’s excellent article on Acrobat PDF Document 1 doesn’t know if PDF Document 2 has changed.Instead of linking to pages within a document, Acrobat can link to named destinations.

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