Universal rejection truth of dating and relationships

For some people, rejection can trigger depression; knowing the signs of clinical depression can help you better support your friend as he copes.It is a well-known stereotype that “nice guys finish last.” I use the term “stereotype” loosely, because, at times, it can feel like a universal law of nature. Two guys, one nice; the other not, both vie for the attentions of the same girl.The nice guy is ever sympathetic, expressive, and kind, but for all his efforts, the other guy, effortlessly employing an uncanny maneuver called “Being a Jack-Ass,” gets the girl.Thus, in the most paradoxical of paradoxes, it is in being almost exactly what women claim to want that many respectable young men fail miserably. There is no greater injustice or frustration than that which spawns from watching someone you care about: someone who is worth the world and more to you walk away with someone who, as often as not, couldn’t care less.

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But, that's not to say that there isn't an equal trend happening among women.We’ve all seen Casablanca, (or, if you haven’t, you may be exactly the other kind of guy I mentioned). I deem faith in the nice guy to be a sort of faith in humanity, and personally, I have to believe that regardless of whatever else happens, something better will turn out for those that are good or even just nice.Other examples include A Tale of Two Cities, and The Phantom of the Opera. And so it is that I tip my hat and raise my glass to that unfortunate brotherhood. To him that watches lesser men succeed where he cannot.I can think of no more appropriate context for the expression “like casting pearls before swine.” Now, I will grant that not every male on the planet is a misogynistic asshole.A lot of guys are by default perceived that way because of the before mentioned theft of affections.

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