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They are referred to as "Forwood" or "Tyroline" but less commonly, "Cyler" or "Tyline" by fans.Tyler and Caroline were initially mutual friends and would hang out sometimes and play pool together.Tyler and Liz save her and she soon begins a relationship with Tyler.However, upon Klaus's return, he turns Tyler into his first successful hybrid.Caroline joked with Tyler about getting drunk enough until someone is hot enough to make out with.

Tyler leaves town to break the sire bond and, when he returns having been successful, is unhappy to learn that Klaus has fallen in love with Caroline.After Tyler hesitates in saving her from Jules, Caroline turns her back on him, and he leaves town with Jules without saying goodbye.Greta and Maddox kidnap both Tyler and Caroline upon his return to town.She tells him that she's the only vampire in Mystic Falls, only in an effort to protect Stefan and Damon. After discovering that Caroline could have died by being so close to him, Tyler kisses her.Shocked, she slams the door in his face and later explains about her existing feelings for Matt.

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