Tragic tale of teen dating violence

For two weeks, it held the citizens of Baltimore -- and many beyond -- spellbound in horror.But the unknown tale -- the lengthy pattern of domestic abuse preceding Palczynski's rampage -- is chilling as well.

So you don't listen much when he talks about making hit lists, buying weapons, being locked up. You really tune it out when he blames those other girls for getting him in trouble. In his last days, the 31-year-old man had followed through on a persistent threat -- to harm the family of any girlfriend who dared leave him -- and killed those who got in his way.The movie's resounding message is that intervention is crucial.Long before the murderous rampage, long before the saga of fugitive love and violence, long before the hostages on Lange Street, Joe Palcyznski was known as a ladies' man.The sexual relationship between the two teens is implied, but only kissing, embracing, and starting to undress are shown; the victim is seen in a shower, more to reveal her bruises than with any sexual purpose.This is strong subject matter and may be too intense and upsetting for some tweens and teens.

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