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Adshade provides some interesting insights into how the world works, while also revealing some problems with the current system.

If you want to be entertained, informed, and perhaps even challenged, I'd recommend reading this book.__________________________________________________​201 norabelle414Today, pm193 I definitely see those problems with online dating mentioned.

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So you have to come up with some way of deciding which is, in the end, going to be pretty arbitrary.(On the whole, college women are more interested in longer-term relationships, while college men are more interested in casual hook-ups; in a situation where women outnumber men and are essentially competing for a scarce resource, the women are more likely to enter into relationships that don't meet their ideal criteria--basically, the men have more power here.)Besides being entertaining, some of the studies here are pretty sobering.For example, there's a higher birth rate among teens in states with higher levels of social inequality.It's interesting that a system that should really end up providing better results, because there are so many more options to choose from, actually ends up being worse because the only way to decide between all the options is by fairly arbitrary criteria.I sort of want to read Love in the Time of Algorithms now, and I'm a bit sad that the LT singles group seems to have died out because the discussion of online dating there was interesting too.__________________________________________________​205 norabelle414Today, pm202 Well the systems out there ARE really good.

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