Thermal illumination dating

Gain an entirely new view of your vessel’s mechanical system with the new FLIR AX8 thermal monitoring camera.Combining thermal and visible cameras in a small, affordable package, the AX8 integrates with Raymarine multifunction displays (MFDs) and sends audible and visual alerts when the temperature of machine parts rise above preset thresholds.The new signal termed as Infra-Red Photo-Luminescence (IRPL) is a Stokes emission (~1.30 e V) derived from NIR excitation (~1.40 e V) on samples previously exposed to ionizing radiation.Low temperature (7–295 K) spectroscopic and time-resolved investigations suggest that IRPL is generated from excited-to-ground state relaxation within the principal (dosimetry) trap.Our extensive network of partners, integration abilities, competitive pricing, and high performance capabilities make the Sii™ OP an easy choice for all your surveillance needs, allowing you to cover more ground with less cameras, compared to traditional CCTV solutions.

Figure 1(a) illustrates the accepted mechanism of IRSL production in a feldspar.(b) IRPL and IRSL emission spectra at 295 K of irradiated sedimentary K-feldspar R47 on exposure to 1.40 e V (885 nm) photons.The dotted curve represents the transmission of the long- pass interference filter used for IRPL detection.Keep a watchful eye on such critical equipment as engines, exhaust manifolds, and shaft bearings and spot problems before they leave you stranded on the water.And FLIR’s exclusive MSX® imaging blends visible and thermal images for more detailed imagery that is easier to understand.

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