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Of course, even in the 50's, for our younger customers, especially those who had only just started wearing girdles, a light unstructured elastic garment was all they wanted or needed.However, it was by no means uncommon for a woman by the time she was in her early twenties or even her late teens, particularly if she was deemed to have a "problem figure", to request a firmer foundation for general wear, such as the one pictured in Ivy's letter.Nevertheless, there are many stories to tell that do not breach these confidences and others that with suitable anonymity protect the people involved.This page has slowly become the repository for all topics that fail to find a home in the more structured sections of the web site.This allows the force of the lacing to compress the body.Otherwise, once again, the lacing would simply have expanded the corset. It dates from 1954, before the term Spirelette was aimed at a younger clientele.Spirella quite explicitly referred to the garment as a 'laced girdle'.

One could say that a corset can compress the wearer, but the wearer can expand the girdle.

All have been charming, helpful and providers of stories, anecdotes and reminiscences.

Obviously, a corsetiere sees and hears intimacies that are revealed in confidence and kept that way by the professionalism of the trade.

The youngest age that I have ever heard a girl being put into corsets (for fashionable intent) was nine and this was in the 1970's.

The girl in question had an embarrassment of puppy fat and her Mother had her corsetted to attend a wedding as a bridesmaid.

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