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Lynch was convicted at the second go-around, and right after that, I got contacted. The 8th District decided otherwise last Thursday, and on Friday I got another extensive email from the juror, detailing how Jeff Gamso, one of the top appellate lawyers in the state - Jeff's sat at the Big Boys table in the Supreme Court in D. a time or two - had screwed up the case, and complaining that Gamso hadn't replied to any of the seventeen emails the juror had sent him. Jones begins, "Defendant-appellant appeals the imposition of consecutive sentences following his ninth and tenth convictions for rape." Not difficult to see where that's going. Williams, where Williams, convicted of raping someone under the age of 13, claims that the court shouldn't have relied on his earlier conviction of raping someone under the age of 13 in determining that he was a sexual predator.Continue reading "What's Up in the 8th" » , by Russ Bensing I read the 8th District's decisions in criminal cases every week. Williams won't get a third chance to rape someone under the age of 13: he was sentenced to life without parole. Jackson may get another chance to rape someone; he's given "only" fifteen years for raping two women, on separate occasions.Even assuming the relevancy of the file, however, the defense knew about it months in advance, and the cop never testified at trial. Officer Number 2 was the only one wearing a body cam, and had it turned on at the time. If it's only potentially useful, though - basically, we don't know if it's exculpatory because we haven't seen it - then you have to prove the police acted in bad faith in destroying it. I guess, as an attorney, I'm supposed to be outraged at this assault on one of our most sacred privileges, but I have a hard time projecting Cohen's travails on me.Taking judicial notice of the systemic bad faith of the East Cleveland police department isn't apparently an option. The only thing Michael Cohen and I have in common is that we both passed a bar exam.Continue reading "What's Up in the 8th" » , by Russ Bensing The biggest legal news coming out of D. He's Trump's lawyer, and Trump may well be his sole client.I came away from the whole thing feeling that it all boils down to, as the Daily Beast put it, whether there's such a thing as a consigliere-client privilege.247Sports published an exclusive report on Monday, releasing the names of the final dozen quarterbacks who will advance to The Opening Finals on June 30 in Texas.

Continue reading "Friday Roundup" » , by Russ Bensing You've worked out what you think is a good plea for your client, but come sentencing he wants to back out of it, claiming you "pressured" him into taking it. Respond to his allegations that you pressured him into taking it?

Hawthorne was charged with felonious assault, and his attempt to argue self-defense foundered on the judge's insistence that there would be no jury instruction on self-defense unless Hawthorne himself testified.

He chose not to, there was no self-defense instruction, and the jury convicted him. Mc Guire is an aggravated murder case out of East Cleveland, and like just about all East Cleveland cases, it comes with more baggage than the cargo hold of a 737.

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It’s when Trent Dilfer, a former Super Bowl-winning quarterback who helps run the Elite 11 Finals for the country’s top high school quarterbacks, can’t narrow down the QBs on hand to the titular Elite 11 and instead rolls with 12.

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