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Just do try to keep in mind these all will be community decisions, so we create a poll for each topic with a forum section to discuss said topic and what you say goes. Please don't hesitate to ask questions, as that's how we, as humans, learn. :( is currently open for 7 Days ending 16th January 2016 @ 8.00 12 GMTGreat ratio-free tracker with HD content. Also must download 100% of the torrent after downloading 30%.

Your application requires multiple reference sites though. In case anyone's interested Deviloid is open again.

The videos on public torrents are usually very low quality Have a look at these screenshotsthe same film, one in original blu ray quality and one in very low tier YIFY quality.

Dragging a film down from 23gb to 1.4gb means sacrificing lots of information and thus quality. There is not gonna be any upload speed until someone actually downloads from you.

Along with not taking donations, all decisions (when it comes to the look and content of the site) will be polled and decided by our community, so if you want to see more of certain content ask for it!

If you want sections added to the forums, we can do that. do=signup&link=bd7bc8f0ef3a176613d9fdaeb5229637recieve 1-invite/ 5 gig upload/500 bp/7days Flgeneral tracker /strong tv content /great social Beautiful site indeed. However, all the movies I snatched are in rar parts (Newsgroup style), which is totally unadapted to torrenting : if you want to watch your movie and keep seeding, you have to keep both the archives and the extracted files...

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