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So with foreign guy / Thai girl relationships so common these days, why is it that we hear far more tales of woe than we do fairy tales?Of course Western men and Thai women are very different, but what I see are the same mistakes being made over and over again.Too many guys agree to things with their Thai girlfriend that they really would not agree to in their homeland.Sometimes it can be packaged in such a way that failure to do so might result in a premature end to the relationship.They have plenty of mates who satisfy their intellectual needs.That is all well and good but we simply cannot overlook the fact that some rural Thais have not had anything like the opportunities the average Westerner has.As the leader in Thai dating, we successfully bring together singles from around the world.

These are the people you will be spending time with over holiday weekends, the people who may visit you unannounced and expect to stay with you for days on end and from whom there very well may be requests for assistance of some sort. I find it quite appalling the number of Westerners who have said to me that they love their in-laws to death and how they are decent people and the salt of the earth and they would do anything for them….no way in hell would they ever introduce them to their own parents!It is so common in Western guy / Thai girl relationships that sometimes I think it is almost the norm. There is no substitute for spending a good amount of time together.(Real life examples (and two nicely written stories) can be found here and here.) Stories abound of guys getting engaged to women they have known less than two weeks. A few weeks just is not long enough to know what a person is really like.You have every right to ask all of the same questions to your dearest about her and her family. Perhaps I ought to add that two of the guys I know who have genuinely happy and successful relationships as best I can see married orphans. The average IQ in Thailand of 91 is a lot lower than the average IQ in Western countries (Canada 97, USA & Australia 98, England & New Zealand 100) – and I am told that the difference between say 91 and 100 is actually quite significant.Many guys may claim that they do not get their emotional needs from their wife.

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