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And a mischievous follow-up: “I know where to find at least one of those ;)”Playful and cheeky, this text leaves it up to her to imagine what you mean by “trouble”.

After you’ve broken the ice with a conversation starter, it’s time to start flirting with her over text.

Questions to ask a girl over text are one of the most powerful tools a guy can have…

because, like most of us guys have found: Knowing how to text a girl is more important now than ever before. There’s no denying that our modern, technology-driven world has changed the way we communicate — and while this can seem complicated, it also gives more opportunities than ever beforeto have a selection of great questions to ask a girl you like.

Fantasizing about travel together could get you both on the same page and lead to further conversations.

Bringing up childhood memories is always a great way to start a conversation with her.

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