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You can't post anything about where we are or what we're doing, no photos of us with you.' It's not that fun, honestly.

We're not a good time." Love You To Death will be released Friday, June 3.

Are Canadian synthpop wonders Tegan and Sara trying to tell us something with their catchy new single, "Boyfriend?

" Has one of the openly queer Quin twins switched teams since their multiple award-winning 2013 record, Heartthrob?

( This legislation, like so many transphobic and fear-stoking "bathroom bills" sweeping the country, is actually a clever albeit vile method of packing in a Trojan Horse's worth of other measures that, in this case, caps the state's minimum wage and strips workers of the right to sue employers for discrimination on a state level.

When Tegan and Sara's first release on a label, 2000's This Business of Art, came out, their music had a sort of Indigo Girls-meets-Le Tigre indie sound.

Over the years and albums, the guitars increasingly featured synths.

) "We're putting our money where our mouth is," Tegan explained, "because it feels like in the past we had been like, ' Diversity—enough of misogyny, sexism and homophobia in the industry!

' and then we're hiring white heterosexual males all the time.

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