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I was completely naked and my stiff, erect cock bounced back and forth. I could see myself in the reflection of the glass cabinet, on the table completely naked and hard, with the doctors fingers in my ass and the assistant watching. I looked down at my pre-cum covered cock and wiped it again with the tissue just as the he approached me. My legs were spread wide and my cock and anus were completely exposed to her. She held the tip of my penis and stared intensely as she shaved my balls.

It wasn't a slow growth unfortunately and I know he saw the gown push out as it pointed to the ceiling. Just then his office assistant knocked on the door and peaked his head in.

I moved my arms so it was hidden but I knew it wouldn't be long before my secret was revealed."Ok young man. It is time to do that part of the exam we all dread." I stood up and tried to keep my erection covered with the gown. It was the elephant in the room we chose not to acknowledge. I wanted to jump on the other side of the exam table and hide but the Doc already had a finger inside me. They whispered to each other then the Doc asked him to wait a few minutes. I knew if he didn't stop soon I would totally blow my load. They were in total control of me."Lay back on the table," she said as she gathered the razor and shaving cream.

It is always an odd sensation and always seems to take forever even though it was probably only 90 seconds or so. The Doc weighed me, took some measurements, and made me hop around to test whatever the fuck that tests. My cock grew hard despite a women being in the room. My cock kept going hard, then soft, then hard again during the massage.

He also made me stand with my hands on my head as he completely inspected my naked body, probing and proding all over. She began by gently massaging my legs, abdomen, thighs, chest, nipples and all other parts of my body. At one point she pressed on this area near my anus as she pulled on my cock and I nearly exploded.

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